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Eurasian Black Vulture

Scientific name: Aegypius monachus

Conservation status: Not threatened

Come Meet our Black Vulture!

Our black vulture, Nadiri, is quite a sight to see. Come see how you measure up to this massive vulture!


IUCN Red List Range

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Black Vulture

Black Vulture Bytes

  • Eurasian black vultures are one of the two largest Old World vultures!

  • They're also known as Cinereous Vultures and Monk Vultures.

  • Though it is not threatened through its entire range, this species has become extinct in certain countries where it once lived.

Conservation Challenge


Poisoned carcasses set out for predators, poisoned rodents, and habitat loss are the two biggest threats for these vultures. You can spread awareness about how poisoning predators and rodents affects scavengers like vultures. 

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