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Conservation is our cornerstone!

Conservation is at the core of what our zoo is all about. In an ever-changing world, the Henson Robinson Zoo serves as a safeguard for animal and plant species around the globe. Balancing the needs of both humans and wildlife is no easy task. By providing formal and informal education to our visitors we can help to enlist YOU, and the entire community in our battle to maintain our planet’s biodiversity and sustained future. Providing safe havens for species to thrive and reproduce is critical in ensuring the survival of many species and that’s what we do 24/7.


The Henson Robinson Zoo embraces conservation worldwide including our own backyard, literally. Property managed by the Springfield Parks District is one of the last strongholds for the endangered Franklin’s ground squirrel. This declining species has flourished here on our property and careful attention is paid to maintaining this critical remaining habitat.


Your Henson Robinson Zoo also participates in vital conservation programs for endangered species such as the Red wolf, Cinereous vulture, wolverine, African painted dog, the Black-footed penguin and more.


Membership comes with great benefits such as unlimited admission to the zoo, discounts in the zoo giftshop, discounts on events, and more!




Wildlife Trafficking Alliance

Learn about the crisis of wildlife trafficking and how you can help!

Illinois Prairie Restoration

Learn about the Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois and the efforts being made to restore it, as well as how you can help!

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