Help! I Found an Animal!

Thank you for your concern for local wildlife! The Henson Robinson Zoo is dedicated to providing the best possible care for animals of all kinds. With that, we have several residents who were rescued from a variety of dangerous situations in their wild homes and have since been placed in our care with a forever home here at the zoo. However, we are NOT a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center and cannot take in injured or abandoned wildlife. Wildlife rehabbers must be available to provide 24/7 care for their patients and have specific, dedicated, licensed staff to provide that special care. Please check out the resources on this page to see how you can help if you find sick/injured or abandoned wildlife. If you are unsure if an animal needs human intervention, please reach out for advice before trying to remove or handle the animal.

First Steps

Use caution! Wild animals, even injured, can be dangerous! They can carry deadly diseases, bite, scratch, and injure you by flailing limbs. You might also accidentally cause more harm to the animal by trying to capture it. Contact an appropriate wildlife rehabilitator for assistance!

Does it need help? The following resources have excellent guides to determine if the animal needs assistance and how to proceed:

Found a Baby Animal?

Looking for a specific guide for the animal you found? Click these buttons for a visual guide for how to proceed!


Found a Domestic Animal?

We do not have the resources to rescue lost, ill, or injured domestic animals. Instead, please contact one of these resources!


Illinois Raptor Center

Decatur, IL

Can assist with injured or abandoned birds

Treehouse Wildlife Center

Dow, IL

Can assist with general wildlife

Illinois Wildlife Rehabilitators

Rehabbers by location and what type of animals they are permitted to rehab

Wildlife Medical Clinic

University of Illinois

Found a Beehive or Swarm?

Contact one of the people from this page who are qualified to remove bees!