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The role of zoos in the conservation of species cannot be overstated. Many species around the world have been pulled back from the brink of extinction thanks to the efforts of zoos working together. Every year, zoos work diligently to ensure the continuation and safety of species and ecosystems around the globe. It’s not just through breeding animals and educating our guests, together zoos also contribute hundreds of millions of dollars towards conservation programs each year!


Animals, plants, people, we all share this amazing planet and as such, we all have a universal connection. The Henson Robinson Zoo has a mission to remind us all of this connection, and to encourage our visitors to work together to safeguard each and every component of this amazing planet. Yes, a single person can indeed change the world. Imagine what we can do together!


The Henson Robinson Zoo’s commitment to global conservation and education begins right here in our own backyard. Many people, young and old, will never have the chance to travel the world and experience animals up close and personal. The Henson Robinson Zoo works to bring that incredible experience to all. By offering the real and potentially life-changing experience of witnessing these animals and looking into their eyes, our visitors see a reflection of themselves and their own importance and responsibility among the inhabitants of this planet. Through our educational programs, the zoo can spread the word on the value and significance of our diverse animal world and encourage others to think, act, and share. The term “knowledge is power” isn’t enough. It is the “application” of that knowledge that drives understanding and change.


Your membership helps us provide enrichment, upgrade exhibits, and promote conservation efforts! 



Welcome to the world!

The Zoo is happy to announce our new baby wallaby and red wolf!


Mission Statement

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