A key mission for zoos around the world.

Zoos strive to promote and assist in animal conservation through a variety of means.


Endangered animals breeding programs help ensure genetic diversity of animal species, even as they face habitat loss and other dangers of extinction in the wild. Red wolves are a prime example of a success story. Nearly extinct by the 1970s, 20 red wolves were rounded up in 1980 to be captive bred. They shortly thereafter became extinct in the wild, so this could not have come a moment too soon! There are now over 200 red wolves, and the species was successfully re-released into the wild. While there is still a long way to go in preserving these amazing animals, the 45 wild red wolves are a testament to how effective captive breeding programs can be!

Henson Robinson Zoo is dedicated to conserving endangered animals through captive breeding programs and education.


We live in a connected world.

Only through working with others can we make strides toward conservation!


Everyone plays a part! Henson Robinson Zoo works to continuously connect YOU to the animals and their wild habitats. Our education program teaches all ages how to help conservation efforts, why they matter, and how the animals are important to our own well-being. Making these connections is crucial to long-term conservation goals!


It starts at the community level.

Our community can make a large difference!


In Illinois, there are 28 animals species and 9 plant species that are Federally Threatened, Endangered, or Candidates of one of these classifications! The everyday actions you and our community as a whole take directly affect these and other crucial species in our state.

Henson Robinson Zoo strives to involve our community in the preservation of habitats and species both locally and globally.


Your membership helps us provide enrichment, upgrade exhibits, and promote conservation efforts! 



Endangered Babies!

Tsidika and Sagittarius, our new, endangered red-ruffed lemur babies, were born Mothers' Day weekend!


Mission Statement