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Red Wolf

Scientific name: Canis rufus

Conservation status: Critically endangered

Come Meet our Red Wolves!

Ghost, Banjo, and Red are our all-male pack of red wolves. Ghost will be leaving us soon to start a family and help preserve this extremely rare species! Zoos like the Henson Robinson Zoo are incredibly important in captive breeding programs leading to re-release into the wild. Red wolves were extinct in the wild and only lived today due to captive breeding programs.

Adopt our Red Wolves!

Coming soon! Soon you can adopt Banjo and Red to help fund their food, vet bills, enrichment, and care!


IUCN Red List Range

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Red Wolves

Red Wolf Bytes

  • Red wolves can interbreed with coyotes. Since they are so rare and may have a hard time finding mates, this means they can be at great risk of being hybridized out of existence.

  • Red wolves used to have a range from southeastern Texas to central Pennsylvania. Now they only live in eastern North Carolina's Albemarle Peninsula.

  • Red wolves went extinct in the wild in 1980 and only survived due to captive breeding programs. Captive bred wolves have been released into the wild to establish a small wild population.

  • Red wolves mate for life.

Conservation Challenge


Hunting and habitat loss are the primary human-caused threats to these rare wolves. Vote against laws that weaken the Endangered Species Act. Spread awareness about red wolves. Support conservation efforts. 

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